About US

We created Alignica because we believe that we have a responsibility to deal with the risks that AI may bring. One of these probable risks are AI radically disrupting the foundation and integrity of the academic system. We are committed to collaborating with experts in different fields to find solutions that will benefit all stakeholders and make AI-systems safer.

We are the three co-founders of Alignica, Viktor, Chris, and Noah who are passionate about Artificial intelligence and its potential risks for society at scale.

Meet the Founders

Viktor is an AI enthusiast with over four years of machine learning experience, with a a specialization in large language models. He is also the creator of the app “Jackie Your AI friend”. 

Chris is the co-founder of the organizations AI Safety Sweden and AI Safety Stockholm. He has decided to dedicate his life to AI Safety. 

Noah is the co-founder of AI Safety Stockholm and has wide range of experiences. He has also decided to dedicate his life to AI Safety.